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Best Hosting Provider For Your Blog With (Discount Coupon)

After the registration of your domain name, you need to buy hosting for your blog. Hosting is a platform where your blog will stand and grow over time.
If you ask me Which hosting to go with? I would recommend A2Hosting because of their speed, performance, support, positive reviews, and reliability.
We need hosting to store our files online and we are booking online space for our blog.
A2hosting discount coupon code
Now What you have to do is you just need to visit the hosting website by clicking below given link and follow the mentioned steps.
2. After visiting the website click on Get Started button Choose the best hosting plan and proceed, as you are a beginner I would recommend you to go with Shared hosting plan which is the right set for your blog.
You might be thinking why I recommend shared hosting for beginners?
Although you’re planning to create a blog for yourself. But during the initial days of blogging, you might not have huge traffic on your blog. Shared hosting allows you to host a website without worrying about high fees & downtime.
For instance, at beginner level you do not have a huge number of traffic or code files, why to pay for 3 BHK if your current requirement is for a room only, in future, you can upgrade to VPS hosting which works as an intermediary for shared and dedicated hosting.
  • A2hosting discounts hosting plans:-
A2hosting discounts hosting plans
Let me tell you which plan to choose.

A2hosting Plans:-

a2hosting plans
As I mentioned if you are a beginner you can go with Linux Shared hosting Lite plan or if you would like to go with unlimited websites, unlimited databases you can go with Linux Shared hosting Swift Plan.
How to buy hosting from the A2hosting guide:-
how to book hosting from a2hosting guide
After selecting the plan you just need to select above option (I will use my existing domain and updated nameservers) if you have an existing domain, in your case you have just booked your domain name in above steps.
Please write domain name very carefully and click on Use.

Buying A2 Hosting Process:-

buying a2 hosting process
After selecting for 12 months/one year plan your costing will be Rs.3655.67 approx (it may be less or more depends on taxes & currency rates) for Lite Plan.
You need not add any other services let it be the default because we can use and configure services with the help of plugins later, then click on Continue.

A2 Hosting Checkout Form:-

a2 hosting checkout form
details A2 hosting
After that, fill this form with your correct details, add PASSWORD and choose a security question and give an answer.
For payment process make sure you select CCAVENUE as a payment method as you can see in below image,
You can pay by debit card, credit card, net banking or even with Paytm(only for Indian users) as well. For people outside India can use Paypal for a smoother transaction.

Payment Process Of A2hosting:-

payment process a2hosting

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