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Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Details of camera, stereo speaker, 3D Emoji

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ smartphones are unveiled at the company’s 2018 event on February 25. Ahead of the launch, a user took to Reddit to post AMA (Ask me Anything) session claiming he got to use Samsung Galaxy S9 for 20 minutes. The device is incredibly “close to production”, he added. The user is claimed to have used the Qualcomm snapdragon 845 variant of the upcoming flagship phone, which will be launched in the United States of America. other markets across the planet can get the Exynos 9910 SoC version.

Samsung Galaxy S9 can sport the same infinity display with 18:9 ratio that we saw on the Galaxy S8 series. the design is basically expected to remain identical, whereas the fingerprint sensor in the 2 phones are repositioned. “Design is just like the leaks suggest,” claims the user. The stereo speakers within the Galaxy S9 series can have “a major improvement” over the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S9 appearance almost identical to S8 with a “slightly better” fingerprint sensor placement. However, it's smaller in size and apparently placed too close to the rear camera lens, due to which many users might end up accidentally touching the lens system rather than fingerprint detector.

One of the most important highlights of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ are cameras, as hinted by the company’s official invite. The user says camera is the “biggest stand feature”, although the sensors aren’t nearly as good as the one on Google pixel two XL, according to the Redditor. Samsung Galaxy S9 can support 4K video at 60fps, 720p at 480fps as well as 1080p at 240fps. Previous reports have hinted at dual aperture for rear lens system of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, something that has been confirmed in the AMA.

The Redditor conjointly talked regarding the new “3D emoji” feature, that we might see on the Galaxy S9 smartphones. Korea’s ET News (via mechanical man Authority) reports Samsung’s “3D emoji” feature can take advantage of phone’s camera to permit users to adopt them using facial expressions. according to the Reddit users, Samsung’s 3D emojis aren't a direct rip-off of Apple’s Animoji. Rather it's “more like a mix between animoji and bitmoji,” said the Redditor, adding it looks “less polished” than Apple’s Animojis.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is predicted to come with a 5.7-inch display, whereas the Galaxy S9+ can get a 6.2-inch display. both phones will come in four colours: midnight Black, Lilac Purple, Coral Blue, and titanium gray. The Galaxy S9 phones can ship with android 8.1 Oreo. Samsung Galaxy S9 can have one 12MP camera, whereas the Galaxy S9+ can feature a dual-camera setup on the rear. The camera can have a variable or twin aperture that adjusts according to the available light.

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