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Apple iPhone X is best-selling phone, revenue touches $88.3 billion

Apple’s revenue was $88.3 billion for the Q1 earnings that may be a new record. The company’s revenue was nearly $10 billion or thirteen per cent up over revenue from Q1, 2017. It conjointly seems that Apple’s strategy of launching a more expensive $999 iPhone X paid off and therefore the device was the best-seller for the quarter, according to CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed that iPhone was the main driver in revenue and generated the highest revenue ever for the merchandise. According to Cook, the iPhone X was the highest selling phone every week since it was launched. He made the remarks in an investors earnings portal.Apple launched iPhone X solely in November, that is mid-way through the quarter and this phone still managed to come out on top, despite reports that sales had not lived up to the market expectations.

Interestingly, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone eight plus were the top 3 iPhones of the quarter, according to Tim Cook. Apple shipped 77.4 million iPhones within the quarter, that is actually a one per cent decline from Q1, 2017. the corporate had shipped 78.2 million iPhones within the same quarter last year. so while Apple truly shipped less iPhones, because of the increased costs, revenue rose by thirteen per cent for this segment.

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