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North Korean hackers hacking computers to mine cryptocurrencies for profit

North Korean hackers are hijacking computers to mine cryptocurrencies.A hacking unit referred to as Andariel seized a server at a South Korean company within the summer of 2017 and used it to mine about 70 Monero coins – value about $25,000 as of December 29 – according to Kwak Kyoung-ju, who leads a hacking analysis team at the South Korean government-backed monetary Security Institute.

The case underscores the increasing craving from cyber-attackers for digital currencies that are becoming a supply of financial gain for the Kim jong United Nations regime. North Korea is accelerating its pursuit of money abroad because the world tightens its stranglehold on its conventional sources of cash with sanctions cutting oil supplies and alternative trade bans.

“Andariel is going after something that generates money these days,” said Kwak. “Dust gathered over time builds a mountain.” The hackers might have taken over alternative computers to mine cryptocurrencies and seem to like Monero because the currency is more focused on privacy and easier to hide and launder than Bitcoin, Kwak said, citing the analysis of the server. Andariel was ready to take control of the server undetected by its operator, he said.

A cryptocurrency are often earned if a complex mathematical problem is solved , however it needs high-powered computers that often only firms will afford. Not each company spends as much on protecting their computers from hackers. Yapian, the owner of Bitcoin exchange Youbit, said in December it'd close after getting breached.

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