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Apple’s Lisa Operating System will get Open Source from 2018

More than 3 decades past, Apple disclosed the Apple Lisa. It turned out to be one among the most important flops of Apple, selling only 10,000 units; Apple spent a mammoth $150 million on R&D. Lisa, one among the primary business computers with a interface, also set the stage for a conflict between corporate executive John Sculley and founding father Steve Jobs. For people who don’t know, LISA stood for native Integrated System design.
This doesn’t mean that Lisa’s pioneering software is totally dead. Soon, in 2018, the pc History repository will be open sourcing the code of the Apple Lisa software, and you’d be ready to download it without charge, in line with Business insider.

As it’s open source, you’d be liberal to modify it and make something new–just like UNIX system} and different open source operating systems.Back in 1983, Lisa pc cost $10,000,if you consider the inflation, it’ll price $24,000. On the opposite hand, IBM was already providing computers that were way cheaper. This flopped OS brought a number of the advanced options for the first time, together with protected memory, sophisticated HDD-based OS, etc.

Lisa OS conjointly as a result of the reason why Apple sued Microsoft over the first version of Windows, claiming that Redmond stole Lisa’s technology. Countering a similar, Gates created the famous “we each had this rich neighbor named Xerox” remark.

In 1984, Apple launched Lisa two, that price 1/2 Lisa one. Having failed to do some magic with this release additionally, Apple interrupted the product once launching Macintosh. In 1989, the last 2,700 Lisas were buried during a Utah landfill.

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