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Apple may select Intel for their chip production instead of Qualcomm

A report revealed this year suggested that the 2018 Apple iPhones could finally support gigabit LTE networks. Now, Digitimes cements those claims however Apple could also be tapping on shoulders of MediaTek as the secondary chipset with Intel being the first provider.
According to the report, what makes the Cupertino-based tech firm make this move is its long battle with Qualcomm. However, it's said to still use Qualcomm chips on CDMA devices like Verizon or Sprint.
The report additionally mentions that the corporate has transferred 500th of the orders of creating modem chipsets from Qualcomm to Intel. For now, there's no confirmation if MediaTek are going to be receiving the order or not.
The solutions include 'leading technological fight, comprehensive product blueprints, and reliable logistic assistance.' however it's also been mentioned that it's going to be troublesome for MediaTek to become a regular provider for Apple.

This additionally does not imply that MediaTek chips could solely be utilized in next-gen iPhone models. the company in future may additionally be able to offer chipsets for smart speakers, wireless charging devices and more.
If the said details are true, this may create the next-gen Apple iPhone devices first within the series to feature a gigabit LTE modem.
Ming Chi Kuo, a KGI analyst in November confirmed the same claims in his investors note and even said that while a majority of the dual-SIM smartphones accompany LTE+3G connectivity support, the 2018 iPhone handsets are going to be able to handle LTE+LTE connectivity. this means they will even be the first in line to feature dual SIM cards.
The analyst has previously expected that all 3 2018 iPhone models can feature a full-screen display with the 'Notch' beside a TrueDepth camera (FaceID) like what we've got within the iPhone X . they'll go together with 3 totally different screen sizes -- 5.8-inch, 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch. The starting worth of the smartphone is alleged to be around $649 to $749 in the United States.

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