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Apple Apologized For Slowing Down iPhone Batteries

Earlier this month, Apple became a target of media websites and consumer teams when it was reported that the corporate may be deliberately slowing down older iPhones with an iOS update. Later, Apple confirmed a similar.
In the latest development, the company has announce a lot of data online and explained things thoroughly.Apple apologized for the misunderstanding and offered some solutions to the present problem. “We know that a number of you're feeling Apple has let you down. we tend to apologize,” the statement said.

Apple further explains how lithium-ion batteries work and age with time, as well as its quicker degradation in performance in hotter environments. so as to be more clear with what’s happening with consumer’s phones, the corporate can issue an iOS update which will add new options to assist the users get more data concerning the health of their battery and create an informed decision. this is what was alleged to be happening within the initial place.

Another massive modification has been created within the value of batteries for an out-of-warranty iPhone. the initial value of $79 has been reduced to $29–which could be a large $50 reduction. This worldwide reduction are effective starting in late Jan and through Dec 2018.

The company additionally re-iterates that once a chemically-aged battery is replaced with a brand new one, the performance of iPhone can come back back to normal.
While this is often a welcome modification, we’d expect Apple (and different smartphone makers) to be more clear in future. this can need a lot of efforts to regain user trust and move for higher expertise.

Did you discover Apple’s clarification and steps taken satisfactory? Don’t forget to share your views with me.

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